Editorial: It’s A Jungle Out Here

The world can be a very, very strange place.


In this mixed up skirmish for survival, men have been driven to great lengths… And, depending on the car’s mileage, some have even made it to Bat Country, NV.

An alert driver is a safe driver…

It takes a lot of courage and a strong will (Shatner) to resist the numbness of deep space, whilst traveling aboard this doomed starship.

“Stop almost hittin’ yourself. Stop almost hittin’ yourself!”

And when you least expect it, a stranger wearing a fashionable sky-cap–perhaps a Fedora, or a Trilby… or maybe a Pork Pie!–shows up and condescendingly waves his hands in front of your face, saying “Hey, buddy. You awake?”

“No. I’m looking at you and consciously engaging you from within a dream.”

And so begins the downward spiral leading ultimately back to reality. The G force of shame pulls at the very core of your being as you rush towards an epiphany when, suddenly, it hits you… The floor.


And as awkward as it may be, there’s a joyousness to the fumbling and bumbling about. The trick is to laugh heartily, not take one’s self too seriously, and enjoy the fortuity along with the foibles. Especially when the bucket is on someone else’s head.

Parenting 101: Bucket.

Easier said than done, though, I admit. Life is fraught with uncertainty, which can breed anxiety. You never know when death will strike…

No good deed goes unpunished.

But, time heals all wounds, as they say. Except for a Wrinkle In Time… That’s gonna stick. In most cases, however, we get by. Somehow.

Close call.

As we inch through the vastness of the universe like an innocent, perhaps naive, toddler discovering new hallways and corridors, mistakes are surely made. Hopefully we learn from them and never forget, “the door swings both ways.”


Gifs and images via: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here

One comment on “Editorial: It’s A Jungle Out Here

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