Monday Miasma # 18

As the sun rises, all eye are on you. The weekend departs as quickly as it arrives–and as mysteriously–leaving us with the shattered fragments of wishes unfulfilled.

“Eye need you to come in to work.”

And as gratifying as it may be to unleash the pent-up animal-rage that’s been percolating inside of us on an unsuspecting inanimate object, say an alarm clock, we simply can’t afford to keep buying alarm clocks on our current salary.

Kill, Bill

And so begins again the Great Paper Chase. A lifelong, elliptical, and distracting pursuit of necessity, otherwise known as modern life.


In a land where the Green Back truly is king, many are seduced by the allure of wealth and privilege. Celebrity culture propagates the illusion that anyone can be elevated to superhuman status.

“479K Following”

But regardless of notoriety, there is the admonishment to “follow one’s bliss.”

…all the way to Funky Town.

Resist the onslaught of corporate programming that contradicts your heart’s desires! Remain conscious of your conscience! And, whatever you do, don’t say, “I know Kung-Fu.”


We only get one ride through the cosmos on this billion-year-old burrito. Some bites are spicy, others seem disproportionately filled with rice. The point is, enjoy your meal.


Gifs via: here, here, here, here, here, here, and here


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