Editorial: Notes From The Undernet

Time has a way of sneaking by. The routines of necessity have a way of sinking in. And we, the unwitting recipients of this modern era, have a way of slacking off. But there is a limit to how settled into the sameness of our circumstances we can become.

Eventually, every cog has his day.

Pictured: Eternity

But when the going gets tough, do as the Romans, I always say. There comes a time when we’ve got to take the gloves off–along with the scarf, hat, and intergalactic space-shades–and show them all who we really are!

Beautiful… no matter what they say.

Each of us is replete with a wealth of accumulated knowledge and experience, having traveled the world via Google Earth like an obese, tech-savvy internet-tabby.

It’s a real thing.

And, along our journey, we find that all the secrets of the cosmos are within hand’s reach.

“To see the whole world in a grain of fingernail dirt”

Reaffirming my philosophy of intense, rigorous, and relentless snuggling.

Master of The Universe

And while my aforementioned philosophical disposition might be a contributing factor in our blog’s decreased activity, we feel that our audience is satisfied.


We simply couldn’t live with ourselves if we didn’t deliver the most informative, relevant, and pressing information to our readers…


Offering articulate thought-pieces for intellectuals and academics to pick apart…

What I think scholarly contemplation looks like

Keeping up to date with the steamy, sultry side of entertainment…

Not so grumpy anymore, huh?

Ensuring that we keep you abridged of the goings on in the world like,

The status of gene splicing technology in our socio-political climate:

Not good…

Up to date coverage of natural disasters:

Not good…

International Affairs:

Not good…

And, Technology and Science innovations:

Actually… pretty good.

And so, ladies and gentlereaders, Comedy So Serious! has reified its pledge to you, our committed subscribers. Hopefully we’re all a little more informed, thoughtful, and educated about the issues as we defy the laws of the known universe, moonwalking backwards upstairs.

Actual, un-doctored footage…

Good night… and good luck!

Gifs via: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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