Wednesday Every Wednesday # 12

Ladies and gentlemen, this is NOT a test. Comedy So Serious! has taken over your net-waves… DO NOT attempt to adjust your dials.

Do you even understand that now antiquated reference to a bygone technology?

Well, DO NOT attempt to open a new tab because…


Um… internet takeover?

I, your humble and recently abandoned editor, have been left alone at the helm of my own ship run aground. I am broadcasting to you from a remote island of cyber-solitude, screaming a message of questionable importance into the digital ocean-spray.


You need not doubt your senses as they survey the landscape. This is, indeed, a strange and troubling dystopian ecosystem. Rather than work in tandem, gaining momentum and accomplishing our aims, we are beset with predatory advances.

Office life…

The odds seem insurmountable, and if it were merely up to us alone we would surely succumb to the overwhelming negativity strewn in our paths.

Ouch, Sheep… but valid.

Fortunately, though, we are not alone in our quest to advance the species, enlighten the mind, and feel the beat. Sometimes, all the elements of nature conspire in our favor to carry us through the endless tedium of another humdrum workweek!

They call this step, “The Captain Planet”

In fact, the hard part is over. The week’s momentum has peaked and is now entering a state of entropy, which will culminate in its ultimate demise, Friday at around 5 pm eastern-whisky-time. All we have to do is play our position and keep calm while father time does the rest.

Just let the bees do their thang…

And as you embrace the prospect of days flying off the calendar, try not to consider the implications of that theorem when applied to the weekend itself. It can backfire…

…thank god it’s PIE-DAY!!!

Instead, consider these fantastic, sexy, Single-Ladies style dancing Pizzas… There, isn’t that better?


I think I speak for all of us when I say that I’m glad the week is finally as unhinged as I am! Here’s to a speedy afternoon, and the sudden appearance of the weekend!

Too soon?

Gifs and images via: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here

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