Freaky Friday (The 13th) # 11


It’s Friday… The 13th

Cue the requisite references!

Much like Jason Voorhees, all of us can relate to the burden of being dealt a raw deal. Who among us hasn’t walked under a ladder, our vision obscured due to the penumbra of an opened umbrella, and startled a black cat who in turn startled us, causing a chain reaction that culminated in the breaking of a mirror? Who, I ask you!

The only real curse for this is having to spend 7 years in the ER.

The troublesome toils of our tiresome efforts are, in mere hours, going to yield to a weekend of restorative relaxation. The convergence of a rapidly dwindling workweek and a culturally auspicious, maligned calendar date afford us an almost assuredly weird and wonderful weekend!

“Hee-Hee” (Haw)!!!

We here at Comedy So Serious! hope that you’re weekend is as memorable and majestic as this midget-mustang’s moonwalk!

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Freaky Friday # 9


Arise, my food-coma companions! For some of us, those who don’t have to work today, there is even more cause for celebration! But regardless of our obligatory orientation, there is one thing we can all be sure of…

It’s Friday!

Time to get freaky!

Feel the flames of my Friday fury!

As we travel the confounding cosmos, let us merge our minds with any and all knowledge we come across! Here’s a little something to kick-start our Cosmonaut conquest!

The weekend is upon us, and as the year winds down, our momentum gears up. Awaken your inner child with merriment and epic panache! Delve into the dance hall of the divine with unreserved abandon! 


They will tell tales of this weekend for generations to come, as the children of our children listen with rapt attention. May your Friday be freaky, and your weekend wondrously weird!

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Freaky Friday # 8


Ladies and gentlemen, once again it is our unique pleasure to shout from the proverbial rooftops… It. Is. Friday!!! Congratulations on conquering the tumultuous transformations required to stay sane in this ever-updating world!

“What, me worry?”

In mere hours, we shall burst forth from our confines, reclaiming the life that belongs unquestioningly to us. There is no better way to pry open the pistachio of perplexity than with style and absurd, choreographed dance moves developed in an utterly foreign environment!

I knew he was nuts, but this…

To wet your weekend whistles, here’s an oldie–but goodie–from The Chemical Brothers entitled, “Let Forever Be!”

That ought to prime the pump, readying us all for a weekend of expansive, experimental exploration! For life is short and fraught with difficulty… If we do not sever the shackles of conditioned responses now, this weekend, then when will we ever meet the mystical potential of this fleeting life?

I cAn haZ powerz!

Comedy So Serious! wishes you a Friday freaky enough to never forget, and a weird, worthwhile weekend full of colorful experiences!

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Freaky Friday # 7


The unbelievable has occurred, leaving all of us in an astonished, euphoric state… It’s Friday!!! Like magic, time has folded onto itself once again, pulling the bunny-eared weekend out of the hat of monotonous, cyclical routine!

What manner of trickery is this?!

The waves of weekend relief have finally crashed against the shore of mundane obligation, exciting and instilling fortitude in our hearts!

“Take it from me, darling it’s better down where it’s wetter… Under Goatee!”

To offer a glimpse of eccentricity, enthusiasm, and eclectic elation, M.I.A. Is here with a new song from her album, Matangi, entitled Y.A.L.A. WARNING: do not watch if you are sensitive to rapidly flashing lights or awesomeness.

Comedy So Serious!, as many of you know, is comprised of a hard working team of thoughtful, talented, and tragically underpaid individuals. That being said, what better use is there for our hard earned money than to transmute it into good, albeit brief, cheer?

Life Ruined…

Whether or not you’re a home-body or a club-rat, to use the parlance of our time, we here at Comedy So Serious! hope you have a memorable and satisfying weekend!

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Freaky Friday! # 6


They said it couldn’t be done. They told us to quit, give in, roll over. They said we’d never make it. They were wrong.

Sky’s the limit!!!

Ladies and Gentle-Readers, once again the compassionate conclusion to our wearisome workweek hath arrived, embodying the form of this, our most desired day: Freaky, freaky Friday! And what better way to enjoy the occasion than with a delightfully delirious piece of musical entertainment!!!

The staff of Comedy So Serious! and I want to wish you all the fun of a genuinely Freaky Friday, as well as all the wonder of a sincerely weird weekend!

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Freaky Friday! # 5


Good morning and welcome back to the land of the living! For those of us who are purists and felt the need to celebrate Halloween on Thursday, or else simply couldn’t wait until the weekend for a more appropriate time to instigate a hangover, there is a spot of good news amidst the oceanic waves of headaches and dizzy spells we now must endure: it’s Friday!!!

The endlessly enjoyable Reggie Watts has done it again, possibly for the first time! As you recover or prepare, according to your current predicament, the Comedy So Serious! team wants to wish you a fantastically freaky friday, and a wonderfully weird weekend!

Freaky Friday! # 4


Drumroll please… Ladies and gentlemen, thoughtful readers and avid skimmers: It. Is. Friday!

You can take our freedom, but you’ll never take our Fridays!

As is tradition here at Comedy so Serious!, we’re celebrating the occasion the way only a tired, overworked, creatively-stifled modern person can: with a whopping dollop of weird!

The above clip by DJ Rod titled, “I love the morning,” succinctly summarizes the summation of how DJ Rod feels about mornings, summarily. The takeaway… He loves them. And what’s not to love about a freaky Friday morning such as this?


Another day in paradise…

While DJ Rod crushes it on the 1s & 2s, the last day of our workweek is winding down. From all of us here at Comedy So Serious!, may your Friday be freaky, and your weekend weird!

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