Gif Not Now, Then When # 16

Behold! The behemoth of boredom has reared its hideous head once again!

Custom reading glasses are so expensive.

It may seem that all we can do is hope and pray for a remedy to our humdrum routines, but that would be selling ourselves short. For the powers of intuition and intelligence are ever at our disposal!

Praydar activated!

We must awaken the 16 bit shark slumbering within each of us, and chomp down on the chum of the conventional!

The Great White Snark.

The search for power and inspiration must include the breaking of every block before us. The pursuit of profligacy must plunge into the depths of every pipe, taking us on a journey of unexplored underworlds.

Level Nic-thousand.

For inspiration, like a virulent virus, is contagious. The light we seek to radiate must emanate from within before it can be shared or seen by the world.

Transmission of the lamp.

Despite undo hardships, rigorous writer’s block, and delirium inducing doldrums, we must endure. Here’s hoping that this small measure of Gif-ery shakes lose a few leaves from the branches of the banal, dropping the acorns of awakening into the soil of creative satisfaction!

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Gif Not Now, Then When? # 15

For centuries, mankind has laid the groundwork for comedy by being ostentatious, pretentious, and diabolically misguided. With the advent of the internet, historians and Gif-makers alike finally have a chance to set the record straight.


Shocking as it may be, we find ourselves startled by the surprising events of the unexpected and unforeseen. If only we had seen it coming.

Extreme Closeup!

There is but one lifespan allotted to each of us, and it passes swiftly by, leaving only a wrinkle in time. Or, as the case may be, in face…

“Side effects may include epidermal drift…”

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Gif Not Now, Then When? # 14

Welcome to another mind bending addition of Gif Not Now, Then When? Because the internet doesn’t stop twisting reality onto itself like the ontological Ouroboros, so why should we?

What. Is. Happening?!?!

Despite the overexposure of stimuli to our six senses, we continue to peer into the perplexing portal of the collective unconscious, unwavering in our gaze.

Play it again, Sam…

For the limits of our imagination are not necessarily constricted by our current perspective. There is always something just out of view, lingering on the horizon, tempting us onward into the unknown.

Big [Foot] Brother is watching you…

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Gif Not Now, Then When? # 13

The ever changing face of the internet looks down upon the huddled, underlit masses ceaselessly checking their devices for the newest, most exciting machinations of this modern mentality.

“And behold, a horse-mask meme!”

And as the beholder witnesses the undulating, evolving, meta madness, she realizes all too late that it is she  who has become beholden…

Cannot be unseen…

Suddenly, even the most improbable means of escape seems a viable option. Back-peddling furiously, desperately trying to make sense of the mess of self-referentiality, we are revealed as the fly in the spider’s web.

Excellent Ab workout… For all the laughing bystanders.

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Gif Not Now, Then When? # 12

“Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes.” ~ Walt Whitman~

Veloci-Ray Charles.

“Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, for wise men say it is the wisest course.” ~William Shakespeare~

Nailed it.

“I love my fan-base because they never high-five me…” ~Kate Beckinsale~


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Gif Not Now, Then When? # 11

And away we go!!! With all of our might and a fairly small portion of our intelligence, we charge into the world of absurdity!

Batman and Rob Schneider.

Within nanoseconds it becomes clear that, when up against the interwebs, we are grossly outmatched.

And I mean grossly!

The awesome power of hilarity humbles us with its forceful approach. Yet we continuously click onward, hoping for one more inane instant of amusement.

It goes to eleven.

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Gif Not Now, Then When? # 10

When you stare into the empty abyss, you should know that the empty abyss is staring back.


What secrets linger within its depths?


The sustenance of a lifetime is not in the knowing, but in the wonder… the searching… the mystery of it all.

Mmmm… mystery.

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