Happy Halloween from Comedy So Serious!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Specters and Spooks, Goblins and Ghouls, Naughty Nurses and Walter Whites… It. Is. HALLOWEEN!!!

Ya’ll know what time it is!

The day has come to revel in the night; the life of the dead once again penetrates the diaphanous division between the here and the hereafter. The hounds of Halloween are calling! Can you hear them?

What does the Hell-Hound say? Aaa-ring-ding-ding-ding-ding-a-ling-a-ling!

We here at Comedy So Serious! are more than a little excited to have spun round this solar-system once more, arriving at this most auspicious occasion.

Souls-are Eclipse… Right? Huh? Yeah, you get it.

There is only one way to announce the ascension of the exanimate, and that is to to dance your demons away; to party your poltergeists into sweet oblivion; and to exorcise the evil enmity we carry for this fleeting life!

Flash Mobs of Ghastly Slobs!

Be it Trickery or Treatery that you chose, we sincerely hope that you enjoy this uncharacteristically fun and pagan holiday! Be safe and conscientious on this Hallowed Eve and, remember, if you can’t beat ’em… Do as the Zombies do, and eat ’em!

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Halloween Countdown: 1 Day And Haunting

Halloween is unbearably, intolerably, horrifyingly close, reflecting our own inimically mortal face.

Love at first fright!

It is impossible for us to eclipse our excitement. The devious delight is as apparent as the grin stretching ear to ear on our faces.

Meowly shit!

Morbid morsels and accursed cocktails await, offering sensual pleasures from beyond the grave to the land of the living.


Some of us will masquerade as the dead, while others will hide their true and terrible forms under far less terrifying disguises.

“And I would have gotten away with it, too, if not for you meddling commie-Dems!”

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Halloween Countdown: 4 Days And Haunting

Halloween is rapidly approaching. Survivng the Day of the Dead and the Night of the Non-living will require fortitude, strength, cunning, and a clever costume witht the potential to go viral.

Guillotine dreams.

The creatures of the night laugh heartily into the open-mic of the underworld, where hecklers are doomed to an eternity of being crushed by the talent.

“you suck!!!” [blood…]

A celebration of mortality, morbidity, and the undeniable attraction to grossness.

The ugly truth behind carving Jack-O-lanterns: their boogery physiology…

And although Halloween only comes once a year, the literal appreciation of physical depreciation remains in the foreground of our fears all year long.

What’s the thread count on those sheets?

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Halloween Countdown: 11 Days And Haunting

When you least expect it, after the countdown has painstakingly prepared you for the penultimate event, it springs forth unexpected.

For your scares!

Each dendrite shivers, carrying anxiety to all of your extremities like a barrage of inimical Gary Buseys.

A basic representation of neurology.

That eerie feeling creeping down your neck is either the knowledge of what’s to come or a legitimate problem that needs immediate attention… From a priest.

The gentle caress of a loved one…

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Halloween Countdown: 14 Days and Haunting

As the anticipation for Halloween mounts, we find ourselves drawing the very chill of this macabre season ever closer to our thoughts.

Tempting, but…

Despite our attempts to hasten the passage of time, the days make a mockery of our efforts.

“There are 86,400 seconds in a day! Nya-nya-na-na-nya!”

And, as we all know, idle hands are Paul Rubens’ plaything!

Too soon?

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Halloween Countdown: 17 Days & Haunting

All natural laws, including physics, are suspended during this Hallowed Eve’s approach. You are rendered powerless to the Netherworld’s advances.


Like a shell of your former person, you respond to the call of the realm beyond the living!

“Yes, my mattres…”

And no matter how you try to prepare yourself, you will never be ready to see the season’s true face…

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Halloween Countdown: 20 Days and Haunting

The anticipation is mounting. The euphoric, mischievous, air of Halloween is palpable. Can you feel it?


Feel it! Feel it!

The maddening search for costumes is under way.


Slutty Nurse got nuthin’ on these murder-mice.

The bittersweet song of the autumn harvest is playing, stirring the undead from their slumber!


Ladies and Gentlemen… The Rolling Bones!

And we, the living, are as the moth to the flame… Drawn in by an undeniable obsession with the macabre, helplessly succumbing to the spell of mortality.

Bat hair day.

But, to quote a famous saying, “Aint no party like a zombie party, ’cause a zombie party don’t stop!”

What hath we wrought?

Editor’s note: to stop a zombie party one must destroy the brain of any undead attendees by either crushing or otherwise removing the head. Comedy So Serious! is not responsible for any Zombie Party related injuries. 

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