Sunday Always Comes Too Late # 8

Alas, Sunday rears its oft melancholic head once more! Here’s a little 80’s pep to put in your step from Joe Jackson. An oldie, but goodie, from the Sunday apologists of yesteryear!

The cycle of the weekend rapidly rotates, delivering us into the bubbling belly of Monday’s monstrous appetite.

Hypnotic… yet mesmerizing.

If you’re feeling anything like this humble editor, then there’s an apathy at large, dimming even the most beautiful glare each moment has to offer us.


But this is no way to spend the last few hours of freedom and relief we have at hand! The onus is on each of us to recover that glimmer of hope and inspiration required to remain relevant, inspired, and creatively potent!


Comedy So Serious! is here for one reason: to alleviate the ailments of austerity! To lessen the burden of boredom! To mitigate monotony! And while many of our Comedy So Serious! staff is traveling for the holidays, or otherwise occupied, we will nevertheless keep you, our regal readers, as entertained as possible! From all of us, may your Sunday afternoon and evening be a warm, worry free day of restoration!

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Sunday Always Comes Too Late # 7

As the weekend winds down, we here at Comedy So Serious! are here to remind you that it’s not over yet! In fact, as The Young Rascals are here to tell you, Sunday can be a unique and intimate day in and of itself.

Softness never seemed so… soft.

Ah, the soothing melodies of songs from yesteryear… What a distinct effect they have upon our being, instigating a curious and relaxed state in all of our billions of neural pathways.

Pictured: The Neural [Inter]Net

Although it seems impossible to escape Monday’s looming shadow, there is time enough to find beauty and inspiration in our dwindling hours of freedom.


It has never been more important to dig our heels into the soil of self-expression than on the eve of our impending return to the mundane toils of this modern life!

“Caaall the police!”

For there is a time and a place for tears (such as on the floor of the bathtub during your Monday morning shower), but it is not now!

So, so disturbing.

May the fleeting hours of freedom we have left be fruitful and fulfilling!

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Sunday Always Comes Too Late # 6

From the ashes of the oft sordid Saturday Night, rises the gentle Phoenix of Sunday… afternoon. This particular mythical bird of prey is named Daniel Boone, and he is here to brighten your brains out.

Ears bleeding at the 1:13 mark…

Holy smokes, that’s some good vibrations… Too good, perhaps.

Can’t… stop… spinning… Get help!

So feel-good, in fact, that my thinking has since navigated to the natural antithesis of such hearty, wholesome cheer.


But, take heart! For every thesis and antithesis coupling, there is a synthesis! Yes, that’s correct, a new vista of possibility. One in which there is time yet to meet minds and expand horizons! Or, to run to the grocery store while your movies are downloading for a night of restorative hibernation. Regardless of how you spend your remaining Sunday hours, we think this Gorilla has got it!

Ah, so comforting.

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Sunday Always Comes Too Late # 5

Ahhh, good morning, or afternoon… It’s all relative, or so we’re told by our relatives. One thing, however, is for certain: it’s Sunday! In honor of the late, great Lou Reed, we’re kicking this last day of the weekend off with a little Velvet Underground!

I know I speak for all of us here at Comedy So Serious! when I say that Monday’s shadow looms large over today’s potential for awesomeness, but herein lies our charge! Let us rally against time with all the predatory instincts of a lunching lynx! For the Cuckoo Clock of our carnal condition ticks ever onward, but our predatory predispositions can save us yet!

Cat got your clock?

Whether you’re just waking up, as this humble editor is, or you’ve been rocking back and forth in the shower for hours, I and the entire Comedy So Serious! team wish you the very best on this sordid Sunday!

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Sunday Always Comes Too Late # 4

Feel free to play the below song as you peruse our smattering of Sunday silliness. 

Literary lovers and comedy connoisseurs, it is Sunday once again! Perhaps the most difficult day of the week to rally. Saturday night hangs heavy on our shoulders, providing an array of potentially mislaid plans to reflect upon, and Monday looms like the iron mountain of mediocrity that, for many of us, it is. But, this fertile valley where afternoon and evening flowers bloom shan’t be lost on us!

Into the valley of possibility!

 With defiance and courage in our hearts, we must look to the remaining hours of personal time and potential creative-expression to justify our fleeting existence. Let us not be satisfied to wile the hours away idly! Unless, of course, idle wiling is your thing… In which case, have at it!

Goodbye cruel Sunday!

Be not afraid to reach with all your being into the cosmos for inspiration to strike like the awesome and terrible lightening bolt of Zeus’ glorious beard!

May the Gods have mercy on our afternoons!

Whatever you craft for yourself, we here at Comedy So Serious! hope that it satisfies and stimulates your deeper, creative wells of inspiration before the workweek has run them dry once more!


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Sunday Always Comes Too Late # 3

Feel free to play this offensively upbeat song by the Monkees whilst perusing.

Incredible vocal control. Less credible actual singing.

After a deluge of dubious drinks and a smattering of unseemly situations, the time has come to detox, collect ourselves, and retox once more while the weekend remains!

What goes in must come out.

Seek out sustenance suitable for the cold-blooded, unflappable party-shark that you are.

Breakfast of murderous-shark champions.

Steel yourself against the doldrums of Sunday afternoon, strap on your jet-packs, and survey the wasted Earth for signs of life!

The future, circa 1978

For although Monday’s shadow looms, the weekend is far from over, and we shall not take sleeping lying down!

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Sunday Always Comes Too Late # 2

Feel free to play this song as you slowly reclaim your personhood from the throes of a hard-earned hangover.

What a cruel twist of fate this Gregorian calendar has brought upon us, its ceaseless elliptical nature forever returning us to this fateful Sunday morning.

Geometry hates you.

Where the simplest of wishes become strenuous and complicated toils to fulfill.

We do, too, Mindy… We do, too.

And the party-hungry masses have devolved into head-ache riddled hangers on. Continue reading