Monday Miasma # 13

It’s everybody’s favorite day of the week… To despise and decry!


You knew it was coming, yet somehow that didn’t make it any less diabolical…

If you’re anything like us here at Comedy So Serious! then you’re feeling a bit of the doldrums today, despite still being alive against all cosmic odds. The universe is not without its sadistic side, perfecting biological vessels of awareness and intelligence over the course of billions of years of evolutionary trial and error for what appears to be a swift kick in the pants.

Galaxies in motion.

We are, however, adaptive creatures, finding multitudinous methods to cope with the repetitious appearance of this most miasmic of weekdays. Among the various ways available to us for managing the stresses and suppositions placed upon us, we still strongly recommend the time honored tradition of freaking the fuck out, to use the parlance of our time.

We call this one: “The Capitalist’s Convulsion!”

Take a note from the page of the puerile, and let your inner child flail with all of the freedoms at your disposal! Monday’s corrosive cumulus cloud of monotony will pass in time, and although we can’t speed up the process, we might be able to lighten the load with some internet inanity!

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Freaky Friday # 10


 The rarefied falcon of Friday soars once again! With a swing in our sordid step, we meet what is perhaps the most beloved of all weekdays, for once again the horizon of freedom appears within reach! Enjoy the classic “Science Fiction Double Feature” introduction to “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” as a prelude to the bizarre, yet beneficent, weekend’s approach!

Here at Comedy So Serious!, our aim is to suss out the sublime, tossing the fledgling fish of mediocrity back into the murky waters of world-weariness, in the hopes of eliciting an expression like this:

Dear internet, you complete me. Love, everyone.

It’s often difficult to maintain our sense of well-being and artistic advantage, which is why we’re here to lend a helping hand. When you falter, we’ll be there to gently catch your cranium before it smashes to bits on the curb of capitalistic conquest!

Don’t say we never did nothin’ for ya…

The Comedy So Serious! team and I sincerely wish you a Friday of freaky fortune, and a weekend of wantonly weird winnings!

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To Twitter Or Not To Twitter; That Is The Tweet

In honor of Comedy So Serious!’ 100th post (!!!), we decided to shake things up a bit:

Tired of waiting for prepackaged, carefully edited amusement? Fed up with delayed comedic release? Comedy So Serious! has the solution:

Follow me on Twitter, right ‘here

twitter icon

Now with more Twits!

After losing an office bet graciously deciding to offer up my twitter account, I have decided to extend a rare glimpse into the personal musings and asinine aphorisms of me, your humble Editor. Will there be jokes? Yes. Will they be funny? At least Seventy Six Percent of the time!


Social media is replete with thoughtful dialogues on the goings on of the day, and we here at Comedy So Serious! are thoroughly invested in challenging that paradigm! As Samm Levine of Freaks & Geeks and Inglorious Bastards fame tweeted recently, “Twitter was invented for two purposes: 1) Humor. 2) A VERY public forum for teenage girls to ‘text’ each other.” Choose your poison!

Can’t… Stop… Tweeeeeting!

I hope to hear from you all on Twitter, in what may turn out to be a deeply regrettable decision to offer my account up for public consumption!

Here’s the link again in case you missed it above: Deegan H on Twitter.

We’re also on Facebook

May we all enjoy a near constant stream of fart jokes and biting socio-political commentary together!

Happy Thanksgiving!

A special Thanksgiving installment of Comedy So Serious!

Ah, the smell of gratitude! It’s that time of year when an awkward gathering of strangers, better known as family, assembles to shame each other and exchange passive aggressive quips!

“Honey, would you pass the excess?”

Despite corporate greed and the mass-market co option of sentimentality, there is something to be said for a holiday built around the notion of being grateful. That something is, “indigestion.”

Just wait till you see the casserole…

Like most Americans, we here at Comedy So Serious! realized that we weren’t totally clear on the actual history and basis of the Thanksgiving tradition, so we did a bit of research. To streamline the educational process, we included this easy to follow Gif (below) that succinctly summarizes the history and spirit of the occasion.

Ohhh… Totally get it now.

As you can see, it’s a day dedicated to reflection, warmth, and generosity. A time to stop the hectic scramble for unattainable ends before hecticly scrambling for attainable products on “Black Friday.” Continue reading

Food Me Once, Shame On Me… # 8

Avid eaters, nimble noshers, and voracious vacuum-like consumers! Your elected official of delectable dishes has returned! Chef Benny LaLingua is here for you during this holiday season, whence eating is practiced like a full-contact sport! Ladies and gentle-eaters… It. Is.


Time to gain weight!

As we all know, November is a time of excess. Thanksgiving, one of our more confusing holidays, is a time of impractical consumption veiled in a cloak of gratitude. Because there is no better way to acknowledge the early use of biological warfare, and a disempowered, relocated, and ultimately impoverished community of indigenous peoples than to eat, eat, eat!



But I digress… Today, I, your humble, home-cooking humorist, would like to look at possible alternatives to the classic Thanksgiving Turkey-dinner.


We’re all so grateful to have this gift of life… Oh, wow. Awkward.

I’m all in favor of gathering together over a feast of fantastic proportions, but this Thanksgiving I’m curious to try a dinner plan no one, or no creature, has to die for.

Game over…

Continue reading

Sunday Always Comes Too Late # 4

Feel free to play the below song as you peruse our smattering of Sunday silliness. 

Literary lovers and comedy connoisseurs, it is Sunday once again! Perhaps the most difficult day of the week to rally. Saturday night hangs heavy on our shoulders, providing an array of potentially mislaid plans to reflect upon, and Monday looms like the iron mountain of mediocrity that, for many of us, it is. But, this fertile valley where afternoon and evening flowers bloom shan’t be lost on us!

Into the valley of possibility!

 With defiance and courage in our hearts, we must look to the remaining hours of personal time and potential creative-expression to justify our fleeting existence. Let us not be satisfied to wile the hours away idly! Unless, of course, idle wiling is your thing… In which case, have at it!

Goodbye cruel Sunday!

Be not afraid to reach with all your being into the cosmos for inspiration to strike like the awesome and terrible lightening bolt of Zeus’ glorious beard!

May the Gods have mercy on our afternoons!

Whatever you craft for yourself, we here at Comedy So Serious! hope that it satisfies and stimulates your deeper, creative wells of inspiration before the workweek has run them dry once more!


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Freaky Friday! # 5


Harnessing the power of planetary rotation, we have spun through yet another week of capitalistic condescension, industrialized indignity, and a slew of other alliterations to this, the present… Friday! We did it their way, now it’s time to try a little weird!

Ah, the mesmerizing melodies of the bizarre and unusual… What sweet sounds they make. While you drift lazily toward the end of the workday, we here at Comedy So Serious! hope you find great release in the weekend ahead. Shed the burdens of expectation and societal demand.

3D Glasses ON!!!

Recharge your batteries, replenishing the vital and mysterious sustenance called inspiration…

Nine times knocked down, ten times get up!

And get ready to exorcise your demons on the dance-floor of your subconscious!

Do the Elaine!

However you choose to spend your weekend, we hope it’s satisfyingly weird and fittingly freaky!

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