Pablo’s Pablum # 9

Today on Pablo’s Pablum, with your favorite art-history humorist, Pablo V III MFA, we will be discussing the subtlety of color and light that are, frankly, overt! For what is light without dark, or red without blue? Or even gray without… grayer, for that matter! The good folks over at Natural Palettes have apparently been asking this question, and answering it with beautiful images and gifs, but they have not factored into their equation the depth and breadth of knowledge that I have earned from my many hard months of community college! Take, for example, the foreboding scene below:

On the forecast for today: Grayscale!

I recall one of my professors–well, actually she was a T.A.–speaking about the psychological effects of color upon the brain, but I hated her navy blue pantsuits so I never listened to her. Perhaps there’s a connection… At any rate, the above image of a beautiful bolt of lightening set amidst a threatening sky is, as we can see, composed primarily of gray and black tones. It’s no coincidence that it evokes feelings of danger and discomfort: gray and black tones were the “it” colors for last winter!

Paint by Numbers: so that’s what they were going for!

The above image of colored blocks reveals a sense of warmth and familiarity, in no small part due to the chromatic scheme the artist chose to somehow turn into a picture of open country. Truly incredible what CGI is able to recreate from Microsoft Paint these days… Throughout history, we have had a rich variety of shades and hues at our disposal, which have been provided by the very Earth itself. In nearly every way, our rejection of differences based on visual cues has no precedent in nature. Just imagine the drab, mundane existence of a monochromatic world. Or, better yet, see for yourself!


The effect of uniformity upon the senses often creates a feeling of melancholy. Poetic imagery calls upon gray skies, dark clouds, and the like, for a reason! I’m getting depressed just looking at the image above, despite the beautiful juxtaposition of the correlating color palette. The intimation of cool temperatures and damp conditions is perfectly encapsulated by the intermingling of grays and blues… And also the cold, wet landscape pictured. Continue reading

Monday Miasma # 8

Another week has elapsed, another Monday is crossing our paths on this long, cyclical journey of life. As for enduring the effects of industrial injustice and creative asphyxiation, there is really only one thing to do: breathe…

“Aahh, now, are you going to go ahead and have those TPS reports for us this afternoon?”

Locked in an endless battle with time, our courses laid out in spirals as dictated by the galaxy we occupy, we hurtle ever onward through the byzantine bustle of modern life, asking ourselves, “Why?…”

Please… make it stop…

The question has been known to cook many a conscientious mind, frying the yokes of our aspirations on the hot-flame of greed and corruption.

This is your brain on Mondays… Any questions?

And although our history is fraught with radical thinkers and revolutionary activists, the problems (and their solutions) remain relatively unchanged. As the collective stumbles, turning on itself in its hasty desire for scapegoats, it is up to us, the individual artists and thinkers of our time, to focus our efforts and right the course of our society!

Well spake, good sloth…

And if that doesn’t work… well, at least it will be Wednesday soon.

Gifs via here and here.

Pablo’s Pablum # 7

After a short hiatus, I, Pablo V. III MFA, have returned for another astonishing segment of cunning criticism and profound postulation! Today we’ll be looking at Michal Janowski’s chilling paintings, which seem to be pulled straight from the headlines of the collective unconscious’ favorite zine. This first piece by Janowski, entitled, “It Is Hard To Tell Which Part of a Dream Could Be Real; Man With The Melted Ice Cream” seems to deal with neither a man, nor melting Ice Cream. Unless, if by “man” you mean “horrific goat monster,” and by “Ice Cream” you mean “please stop gazing into my soul with your empty, nightmare eyes.” Nevertheless, it is evident that Janowski’s work draws heavily on the amalgamated memories of dreams long forgotten.

I’ll never be able to eat Ice Cream again.

With this second piece, “Shape Shifting as Favourite Method of Deception” a sense of mischief and dubiousness arises in the gentle smile of the beak. The color palette is brilliantly augmented by the inclusion of the two floating clementines behind our figure. And the brush strokes that Janowski employs are both seamless and overt, dancing between photo-realism and expressionistic… expression.

Clementines are so much more than tiny oranges…

Continue reading

Editorial: Comedy So Serious Is Traveling!

The Comedy So Serious! team and I are currently in sunny San Diego, California promoting good humor and internet irreverence to the left coast! We hear they’re not familiar with lolz, and roflz.

No amount of alcohol can prepare you for this flight.

We’ll be bringing you all the usual favorites from the Comedy So Serious! team such as, “Food Me Once, Shame On Me,” “Pablo’s Pablum,” “Gif Not Now, Then When?,” “Space: The Primal & Feared,” and of course our beloved, “Halloween Countdown,” as well as much, much more. As for this humble editor, I’ll strive to encapsulate the subtle differences between West and East coasts, while highlighting the hilarious commonalities.

Driving is much less comfortable on the west coast.

Stay tuned for lots more from all of us here at Comedy So Serious!, where we work on vacation so your mind can vacate work.

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Freaky Friday! # 4


Drumroll please… Ladies and gentlemen, thoughtful readers and avid skimmers: It. Is. Friday!

You can take our freedom, but you’ll never take our Fridays!

As is tradition here at Comedy so Serious!, we’re celebrating the occasion the way only a tired, overworked, creatively-stifled modern person can: with a whopping dollop of weird!

The above clip by DJ Rod titled, “I love the morning,” succinctly summarizes the summation of how DJ Rod feels about mornings, summarily. The takeaway… He loves them. And what’s not to love about a freaky Friday morning such as this?


Another day in paradise…

While DJ Rod crushes it on the 1s & 2s, the last day of our workweek is winding down. From all of us here at Comedy So Serious!, may your Friday be freaky, and your weekend weird!

Gif and image via: here and here

Pablo’s Pablum # 6

The autumn chill is upon us and I, Pablo V. III MFA, wanted to join in with Comedy So Serious! for a seasonally appropriate post. Enter the dark and familiarly foreign world of Karborn and his series of pieces entitled, “Evidence of Time Travel.”


Looking more accurate by the day!

Through a multi-phase process, (involving Amiga 1200’s, a series of scan converters, VHS formats and Wobulators, among other phenomena I’ve never heard of…) Karborn is able to render these eerie images that beg the question: WTF?


“I saw a man who wasn’t there…”

The effect of Karborn’s process produces a vintage, antiquated look with a surreal and modern update rendered in the form of technological distortion.  The result, at least for this art critic, is a persuasive call to return to the subconscious, its collective memory banks blurred by our fast paced, digital world. Also, it’s kinda Halloweeny… Continue reading

Freaky Friday! # 3


Ladies and gentlereaders, Comedy So Serious! is thrilled to usher in yet another Friday! The merciful terminus to our weekly toils has arrived once again, bringing with it a respite from the tedious, awkward dance of workplace interactions.


“Exhibit A”

And what better way to celebrate the freak-end than to kick things off right with the hifi sounds of “Electronk Supersonik” by Eastern European electro-pop sensation, Zlad!

In this fast-paced, technologically dependent society we, like Zlad, must embrace all aspects of the future, both Electronik and Supersonik. From all of us here at Comedy So Serious!, may your Friday be freaky, and your weekend weird!

Images and video via: here and here.