Freaky Friday # 7


The unbelievable has occurred, leaving all of us in an astonished, euphoric state… It’s Friday!!! Like magic, time has folded onto itself once again, pulling the bunny-eared weekend out of the hat of monotonous, cyclical routine!

What manner of trickery is this?!

The waves of weekend relief have finally crashed against the shore of mundane obligation, exciting and instilling fortitude in our hearts!

“Take it from me, darling it’s better down where it’s wetter… Under Goatee!”

To offer a glimpse of eccentricity, enthusiasm, and eclectic elation, M.I.A. Is here with a new song from her album, Matangi, entitled Y.A.L.A. WARNING: do not watch if you are sensitive to rapidly flashing lights or awesomeness.

Comedy So Serious!, as many of you know, is comprised of a hard working team of thoughtful, talented, and tragically underpaid individuals. That being said, what better use is there for our hard earned money than to transmute it into good, albeit brief, cheer?

Life Ruined…

Whether or not you’re a home-body or a club-rat, to use the parlance of our time, we here at Comedy So Serious! hope you have a memorable and satisfying weekend!

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Freaky Friday! # 3


Ladies and gentlereaders, Comedy So Serious! is thrilled to usher in yet another Friday! The merciful terminus to our weekly toils has arrived once again, bringing with it a respite from the tedious, awkward dance of workplace interactions.


“Exhibit A”

And what better way to celebrate the freak-end than to kick things off right with the hifi sounds of “Electronk Supersonik” by Eastern European electro-pop sensation, Zlad!

In this fast-paced, technologically dependent society we, like Zlad, must embrace all aspects of the future, both Electronik and Supersonik. From all of us here at Comedy So Serious!, may your Friday be freaky, and your weekend weird!

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Welcome to Comedy So Serious!

IMG_0140Here at Comedy So Serious!, we are dedicated to unwavering journalism in the face of catastrophic fails, epic lolz, and other grim reminders of this, our modern life. A knock-out team of reporters, critics, editorialists, and many others will be contributing weekly to our site, promising a varied and insightful glimpse into the absurd.

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