Wednesday Every Wednesday # 12

Ladies and gentlemen, this is NOT a test. Comedy So Serious! has taken over your net-waves… DO NOT attempt to adjust your dials.

Do you even understand that now antiquated reference to a bygone technology?

Well, DO NOT attempt to open a new tab because…


Um… internet takeover?

I, your humble and recently abandoned editor, have been left alone at the helm of my own ship run aground. I am broadcasting to you from a remote island of cyber-solitude, screaming a message of questionable importance into the digital ocean-spray.


You need not doubt your senses as they survey the landscape. This is, indeed, a strange and troubling dystopian ecosystem. Rather than work in tandem, gaining momentum and accomplishing our aims, we are beset with predatory advances.

Office life…

The odds seem insurmountable, and if it were merely up to us alone we would surely succumb to the overwhelming negativity strewn in our paths.

Ouch, Sheep… but valid.

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Wednesday Every Wednesday # 11

When the screws of the workweek begin to tighten; when the elastic in your dress socks incites a small riot of itchiness on your calves; when you can barely contain your excitement for the weekend, becoming the picture of antsiness…

That’s one way to ruin a picnic…

It’s Wednesday!!!

As the sands of time irritate the soft flesh of impatience, we pause from our relentless trek through tedium and reflect on how far we’ve come.

“Run, Friday, RUN!!!”

But the balancing forces of nature, battling stealthily behind the scenes, are always hard at work. Even as I write this, the Calico Cat of quietude wages war with the Polar Vortex of Vexation!


By the Power of Gray Cat!

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Wednesday Every Wednesday # 9

As the sands of time slip through our fingers, we are faced with one question: would they if we made a tighter fist? While the answer is almost assuredly yes, there is another assurance that we’ve been authorized by the calendar to make:

It’s Wednesday!!!

All we are is dust in the wind… And complex arrangements of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus.

At this, the zenith of our wearisome workweek, we must pause to appreciate that the much needed respite from rigor and routine is coming around the bend. It’s time to replenish ourselves with levity and… possibly junk-food.

We all scream for Ice Cream! And also because of this guy.

Try as they might to ensnare us, the enemies of elation are now at our backs. The tides have turned in our favor, and time is finally on our side!

Y U no Weekend?

As artists, thinkers, and anti-establishment advocates, each of us is in command of our own covert operation. Our cover, while intact, strains under the weight of tedium. But the traps are set, plots are in the process of being foiled, and all that remains is to endure the dwindling days of the workweek!

Cool cockatiels don’t look at explosions!

Here’s to a speedy Wednesday and a fast approaching Friday!!!

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Wednesday Every Wednesday # 8

As we each, in our own way, attempt the Kessel Run of our lives, hoping to make it in under twelve parsecs, there are sign posts along the way to indicate our course and speed. This day, ladies and gentlereaders, is one of them!

“You don’t know the power of the ‘snark-side’…”

The surreal passage of time–sometimes in our favor, other times not so much–is an elusive beast from which we cannot escape. In truth, our only recourse is to disappear into the very fabric of existence, which in many cases is akin to cheap, patent-leather.

“I hope I never wake up, I hope I never wake up, I hope I never wake up…”

But Wednesday is the whistling gasket on the pressure cooker of life! And often all that is required is to let off a little steam. Or a lot of steam…

This gag never gets old… Wait. Yeah it does.

But take heart! For the greater the squeeze, the heartier the relief! And if that equation holds true, we should be in for one hell of a weekend release!

Look out, Friday! Here we come!!!

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Wednesday Every Wednesday # 7

Lift thine eyes from your computer screens! Take a moment’s respite from the unceasing repetitions of whatever capitalist venture you’re currently ensconced within to appreciate one simple fact: it’s Wednesday!

Freelance Masochism…

Allow the euphoria of the workweek’s midpoint to permeate the substance of your being, filling to the brim your well of inspiration and irreverence!

Miley hard at twerk.

With a spring in your step–as opposed to coiled wire in your shoe–dance the jig of justice! Tap out the rhythm of relief with the heel and toe of the weekend’s speedy approach, for this is one dance move we all know by heart!

The Can–Can (haz chzburger)!

Before you know it, today’s tribulations will be but a memory, and we’ll be staring down the weekend’s beneficent Boomstick!

“…Just pillow-talk, baby.”

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Wednesday Every Wednesday # 5

Despite what can only be described as an interminably long week so far, we have managed once again to survive long enough to arrive here, today, on this glorious Wednesday!

Crass Punk

Tumbling ever downward through the bowels of banality, marching on ad nauseam through the marshlands of mediocrity, we’ve somehow meandered to the midway point.

“No, sir… I don’t like it.”

And now, having reached the peak of this mountainous workweek, we merely need to trudge down the other side of this capitalist crag, letting gravity and momentum do the hard work for us. Soon the weekend will be ablaze, our collective frustrations purged in the flames of epic release.

The weekend will never know what hit it…

Three cheers for good cheer!!!

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Wednesday Every Wednesday # 4

The defining moment of every workweek has arrived. The Zoroastrian zenith appears before us as we grab the figurative workaday bull by the horns and administer a devastating judo-flip, effectively turning the tides.


With whatever compensation we’ve been given for our efforts, be them meager or disproportionately large, we will all be unified in our rapid spending come the weekend.

As we all know, nothing brings people together like $$$…

So steel yourself against the remaining hours of this dwindling week, for on the horizon sets the sun of obligation. The crescent moon of weekend revelry is on the rise.

At midnight we writhe.

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