Editorial: It’s A Jungle… ‘IN’ Here

It’s been a while since our last post. My sincerest apologies to you, the reader. I have to admit, our troubles started when I made a claim that our writing staff’s jobs were “so easy, even monkeys could do them.” Outraged and offended, the entire staff of Comedy So Serious! staged a walkout. Needless to say, productivity has hit an all-time low.

I keep telling him to give it a second to load, but…

Yes, times have been tough for your modest moderator of internet inanity. With a staff comprised mainly of ill-tempered Baboons–and one Gibbon–I’ve spent most of my days hiding under my desk, tossing binders into the office across from me to misdirect the pack of savage simians. And although I’ve had numerous ideas for titillating editorials, the sound of typing on my keyboard incites murderous rage from the eldest Baboon. Fortune smiled upon me, however, in the form of a phone call!

Different phone call…

I picked up the receiver as fast as I could so as not to alert the monkeys and whispered, “Sal’s Pizzeria & Crematorium: We bake for your wake…” As I listened to the chilling, crackled voice on the other end of the line, it became apparent who had called me…

My Publisher


My publisher failed to see the heroism of cracking jokes at a time like that–monkeying around while the monkeys are around, if you willYES! Still got it!–and instead offered some constructive criticism regarding the site, most of which I completely agree with.

I can totally see where you’re coming from…

And after several long pauses and awkward interruptions, my publisher offhandedly mentioned that local animal-control had received reports about monkeys in the area. She informed me to avoid the office; I informed her that I voided my bowels in the office, and we hung up mutually reassured, I’m sure. Continue reading

Gif Not Now, Then When? # 13

The ever changing face of the internet looks down upon the huddled, underlit masses ceaselessly checking their devices for the newest, most exciting machinations of this modern mentality.

“And behold, a horse-mask meme!”

And as the beholder witnesses the undulating, evolving, meta madness, she realizes all too late that it is she  who has become beholden…

Cannot be unseen…

Suddenly, even the most improbable means of escape seems a viable option. Back-peddling furiously, desperately trying to make sense of the mess of self-referentiality, we are revealed as the fly in the spider’s web.

Excellent Ab workout… For all the laughing bystanders.

Continue reading

Gif Not Now, Then When? # 7

Voilà! Another mesmerizing installment of Gif Not Now, Then When?


Ta Da!!!

Where, naturally, all eyes turn toward the vista of abnormality as summed up by the internet!


Waiter, there’s some eyeballs in my coffee…

Watch as dignity is subverted, then, in a bizarre celebration of its own mediocrity, reverts and reclaims its self-worth!


I whip ma hair back and forth!

Oh, internet, we’ll never stop loving you because, after all, we are you.

Gifs via: here, here, and here